Yoritomo Obaami


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Yoritomo Obaami is the widow of the former Governor, Yoritomo Okai. After Okai’s death, opponents of Yoritomo Ninsei called for Obaami to become Governess. Soon the entire city was choosing sides and it seemed as though a brutal political confrontation was unavoidable. Then, something unexpected happened. Obaami supported Ninsei for the position and has been one of his staunchest proponents since. Obaami is a proud supporter of many of the various temples around the island and is also the patroness of several of the most important establishments in the city, including the House of the Golden Mist. Obaami is known as the Mother Bear of Broken Wave City. Those who she sees as beneficial to the city are welcomed into her arms, those who are not, well, they are certainly less comfortable here due to her scorn. Obaami’s word holds much sway, despite her not holding any true office.

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Yoritomo Obaami

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