Yoritomo Ninsei


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Yoritomo Ninsei is an excellent example of what happens when an ambitious man happens to find himself in the right place at the right time. Circumstance gave the young Yoritomo the interim Governorship of Broken Wave City. Now, he seeks nothing less than to be fully and permanently invested in the office – even if that means incurring the lasting resentment of others more senior. After earning the resentment of his older siblings, Ninsei was assigned to a myriad of remote and uninspiring dead-end posts across Rokugan. Eventually, he came to serve as a junior functionary at the new court of Kyuden Kumiko. At the time, much of the castle and most of what would become Broken Wave City was little more than a grimy construction site. Ninsei bitterly resolved to endure, telling himself that, eventually, his opportunity would come. And come it did, far sooner than he dared hope. One night, as a ferocious storm pounded the island, a wall collapsed into the court chambers of Kyuden Kumiko. Most of those present were killed or badly injured, including the city’s Governor, Yoritomo Okai, who, ironically, had banished Ninsei from court for three days for arguing with a superior. In the chaos that followed, Ninsei immediately sensed opportunity. The young Yoritomo swung into action, conspicuously organizing rescue and recovery efforts. When the Governor died of his injuries, Ninsei, on his own recognizance, assumed temporary leadership of the city. Impressed by the young courtier’s bold actions – and, perhaps, seeing a bit of his younger self in the brash, ambitious Ninsei – the Clan Champion, Yoritomo Naizen, named Ninsei interim Governor of the city, the post he still holds today, nine years later. Many have questioned Naizen’s wisdom, and that of his son, the Growing Storm, Yoritomo Hiromi. Older and more senior politicians are available, but so far, Hiromi has seen fit to leave Ninsei in the post. Ninsei almost seems to relish the resentment of his elders, but must be keenly aware that his numerous enemies would love nothing more than to see him fail. Accordingly, he is extremely wary, not to say paranoid, carefully measuring everyone who crosses his path as either a potential ally or adversary. With the struggles on the horizon, many believe that Ninsei will soon have to surrender his position to a more military-minded individual at some point in the near future; many suspect the Third Storm’s commander, Yoritomo Jera, may well become his replacement. Personally, I believe that Broken Wave City is much more in need of the delicate needlework of Ninsei, rather than a dai tsuchi of a man such as Jera.

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Yoritomo Ninsei

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