Yoritomo Jerako


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Only in the Mantis Clan could the shameful product of open adultery be lifted so highly by her father’s hand. Yoritomo Jerako is Jera’s illegitimate daughter, though the identity of her mother is unknown, Jera has had more than his fair share of open affairs and none were surprised when his wife “bore a child” without a pregnancy. Not more than a few years after her birth, her father was stationed here, and she has grown up with Broken Wave City, growing as it has. Jerako is the Commander of the Watchmen, the samurai who act as its police force and town guard. When she is not drilling the various elite units of the Watch, she is a frequent visitor of the House of the Golden Mist. Rumors and gossip swirl about Jerako, that she is an opium addict, or a lewd womanizer, sadistic and cruel, or this or that. For her part, she seems unfazed by her unsavory reputation, and at times, even amused by it.

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Yoritomo Jerako

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