Yoritomo Jera


From Shishinza’s Dossier

It is nearly impossible to speak of Broken Wave City without mentioning Yoritomo Jera. Jera is a stern and uncompromising man, except of course when it benefits the Third Storm. The old Yoritomo was promoted to Commander of the Third Storm nearly two decades ago. Whether or not the fact that he is a distant relative of Yoritomo Kumiko, through her mother, had anything to do with his promotion, I could not say. The long years of service have not been kind to Jera, whom I would describe as a fatalistic and miserable old man. He has a leathery skin and an air of salt and sweat about him that only lifelong sailors have. Despite, or perhaps because of, his demeanor, Jera, called the Old Man of the Sea, commands respect. Jera is not polite, he is not subtle, nor overly cautious. As Shinsei said, “One should make each decision in the space of seven breaths,” and Jera took it to heart, making each decision in the space of two instead of seven. From the streets of Broken Wave City to its court within Kyuden Kumiko, Yoritomo Jera appears to care for three things: the strengthening of the Mantis Clan, the expulsion of its enemies, and the aggrandizement of the Third Storm. The old man acts as though all those who are not bushi of the Third Storm are second class, even his fellow Mantis, and doesn’t seem at all to care what others may think or say of him.

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Yoritomo Jera

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