From Shishinza’s Dossier

Is there any filth less pleasant than the peasant criminal who denies his place in the Celestial Order? Try as we might, criminal scum continues to return to our cities throughout Rokugan. The yakuza are fairly weak within Broken Wave City, more intelligent and adaptable lower class groups have stolen most of their usual rackets, and done so legally, or at least with their minds to the correct Celestial Order. Three yakuza groups have attempted to muscle various law abiding organizations out of business, such as Rodent, the House of the Laughing World, sword-for-hire ronin, the Bounty, and even the Ferrymen, among others. Each yakuza, the Drowning Lions, the Squid-Eaters, and the Yellow Turbans, were soundly run from the city by very successful joint operations performed by the Watchmen, the local magistrates, and my own offices. Though I would like little more than to believe this filth has been permanently wiped from Kaigen’s Island, it is possible some small enclaves of these groups remain and operate a few dens of ill-repute. They are hidden in the shadows, however, rightly fearing what will occur should they show their faces to the light.

Since Shishinza’s Fall

Under Shishinza’s watch, the Yakuza of Broken Wave City were well contained. Unfortunately after his tragic death, these criminals crept out of their hiding places stronger than ever before. With a new leader, calling himself the Burned Man, the Yakuza are growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Known Yakuza

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