Utaku Mei


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Utaku Mei, scion of the Utaku family, and daughter of it’s daimyo, Utaku Yu-Pan, is embroiled in quite the scandal on the mainland. I won’t discuss the disgusting rumors in this dossier, however, if the curious Emerald Magistrate wishes to delve into them it would not be too difficult. Suffice it to say, Mei is a rather private individual and is likely here because of Broken Wave City’s remoteness, in the eyes of a Unicorn at least. The Battle Maiden is young and pretty, and possesses a fair amount of social grace which is certainly becoming of a woman of her station. Her hair is kept long and is dyed a deep purple, there is little chance of mistaking Mei in a crowd. She has no duties upon the island to speak of, and only just arrived, though I imagine she will likely become an important force within the city should she stay.

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Utaku Mei

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