Unknown Fire


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Every major trade hub in Rokugan has a ronin who knows his sword, and who’s honor is to his contract; a skilled yojimbo for hire with few scruples; with eyes and ears that only see what they need to, but who’s life would be gladly given for a charge. Such a man is valuable. In Broken Wave City that ronin is Unknown Fire. I don’t know much about him besides that he has never backed down from a fight, and seems to be able to use nearly any weapon in Rokugan if a situation calls for it. Unknown Fire wears a stark white kimono, as if he were in mourning, and wears an elaborate basket hat with a large chunk cut out in the front, likely a close call from an earlier battle. The ronin is tight-lipped about his past, which make many believe that he may be a clan ronin. Either way, he may be of use to an esteemed Emerald Magistrate when the time for a big raid comes; in my experience some criminals will just give themselves up when they see Unknown Fire at my back.

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Unknown Fire

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