Tsuruchi Meijiko


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Some people have all the luck, and the confident Tsuruchi Meijiko is one such person, although unfortunately, she has the poor sort. Meijiko is a beautiful shot, and possesses a daring and adventurous oni-may-care attitude. There was one particular incident which comes to mind; six or seven years ago, a particularly stupid band of pirates took Meijiko hostage, the fools had no idea that they had captured the daughter of the Chief Magistrate. A huge search was undertaken, though I must admit, Takamasa seemed more interested in saving face than saving his daughter. Regardless, a massive manhunt was undertaken utilizing the local Magistrates, the “Watchmen”, and my own yoriki. For weeks we searched all the surrounding islands, the Tunnels, the Spine, and the Barrens, but to no avail. With no word from the kidnappers, we had all but given up hope of finding the girl, when she walked into the Civic Hall completely unharmed. Turns out she had eventually escaped her captors, sunk their vessel and had spent the week floating on debris. She had watched the movement of the stars to navigate and eventually paddled her way back to Kaigen’s Island. She washed up near the Temple of the Sun and took a cart back to the city. Needless to say, we were all shocked, but she seemed proud of her little escapade. Despite her many brushes with misfortune, or perhaps because of them, Meijiko has an unflappable sense that little in this world can hurt her. After her gempukku at the Topaz Championship of 1184, Meijiko enrolled in the Watchmen.

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Tsuruchi Meijiko

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