Tsuruchi Masamoto


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Tsuruchi Masamoto is a contradiction. He is a bounty hunter, like his father, Tsuruchi Takamasa, but lacks his imposing and dour nature. He is an artist and a poet, as well as a archer and hunter of men. He is disarming and self-depreciating, and celebrates the pleasures of life. Unlike, his sister, Tsuruchi Meijiko, Masamoto seems to have the love of his father, and is likely to continue to climb the ranks of the local magistrates. Also of interest is Masamoto’s skill in kenjutsu, despite his Tsuruchi heritage. More and more Tsuruchi refuse to see the use in casting aside the way of the sword completely, and their swordsmanship should not automatically be derided.

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Tsuruchi Masamoto

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