Tomino's Haiku


Thoughts on Mirumoto Tetsuya

He remains quiet
His Katana speaks for him
Others are silenced

Thoughts on Yoritomo Ryurai

Thinks he is mighty
Strives to demonstrate such things
Shirtless yet again

Thoughts on Tamori Tokei

Full of cleverness
The mysterious mountain
Explodes when provoked

Thoughts on Matsu Ai

Vacant but present
Capable but unnoticed
Distraction is bliss

Thoughts on Utaku Aeko

The brash rush ahead
Spurred to action by duty
So narrow minded

Thoughts on Bayushi Shinichiro

He slinks, crawls, and hides
He must think that we don’t notice
He’ll die as he lived

Thoughts on Yoritomo Ninsei

A crisis occurred
He assumed authority
No signs of changing

Thoughts on Daidoji Jin

Always keeping watch
Assigned an enormous task
More useful than most

Thoughts on Doji Reisu

Eager boot licker
Don’t know what the others see
The dog gets his day

Thoughts on Yoritomo Azula

Overtly Vicious
I dread her insanity
Our family curse

Tomino’s Pledge

A wicked life ends
A Family’s honor restored
A fitting result

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Tomino's Haiku

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