Timeline of Major Events


From Shishinza’s Dossier

For ease of comprehension, I have assembled a brief timeline outlying the birth and growth of Kaigen’s Island and the gleaming pearl of a city which has emerged here.

  • 1170, Month of the Horse –
    The Battle of the Broken Wave occurs. In its aftermath, the island raised from the ocean by Isawa Sachi and used by Yoritomo Kaigen to destroy the Dark Wave fleet is claimed by the Mantis as a “spoil of war” and named Kaigen’s Island (although the Phoenix tend to refer to it as Sachi’s Anvil instead). Construction immediately begins on port facilities in the sheltered harbor named the Bay of Thunder. These docks, intended to support the construction of a new castle to be called Kyuden Kumiko, to support further Mantis naval operations if the War of Fire and Thunder does not conclude.
  • 1170, Month of the Rooster –
    Construction of Kyuden Kumiko begins.
  • 1170, Month of the Dog-
    The War of Fire and Thunder finally ends, though the peace is uneasy and is rushed to as a result of Imperial pressure. Construction continues.
  • 1171, Month of the Dragon –
    Kaigen’s Island is shaken by a major earthquake. Considerable damage is done to the new construction. The tremor also triggers ongoing volcanic eruptions at the island’s eastern end, and a tsunami that strikes the Phoenix coast. The Mantis provide aid and assistance to several Phoenix villages struck by the tsunami, an act of charity that helps mend Mantis-Phoenix relations following the War of Fire and Thunder.
  • 1171, Month of the Rat -
    What is now known as the Old Quarter is completed and the city begins to grow along the shore of the Bay of Thunder, giving rise to what will eventually become the Commerce and Fisherman’s Quarters. The city is officially recognized by the Imperial Cartographers at this time.
  • 1172, Month of the Serpent –
    The construction of Kyuden Kumiko is slowed as the War of Dark Fire and the Destroyer War begin. Mantis manpower and funds are reallocated to the war effort.
  • 1172, Month of the Goat -
    Construction of Kyuden Kumiko begins again in earnest after the Mantis discover the power of the Yobanjin Wyrm Riders. Fearing their half completed castle could be used against them, the Mantis fast-track the construction efforts, but leave nearly all of the interior of Kyuden Kumiko bare. Foundations are laid for the most important holy places in Broken Wave City, including the Temples to the Sun and to Suitengu, Fortune of the Sea.
  • 1173, Month of the Monkey -
    The Great Keep of Kyuden Kumiko’s interior is completed, along with the most essential of the surrounding defensive works.
  • 1174, Month of the Rooster –
    Yours truly, Yasuki Shishinza becomes the first esteemed Emerald Magistrate of Broken Wave City, the first of many I hope.
  • 1175, Month of the Dragon –
    Ground is broken for the Temples of Kenro-ji-jin and Kyofoki. The Order of Osano-Wo takes over the construction of the abandoned defensive tower on the highest point on the Orochi’s Spine.
  • 1175, Month of the Horse -
    The Mulberry Tree begins to grow.
  • 1176, Month of the Serpent –
    A terrible spring storm sweeps in from the eastern ocean, damaging much of the work underway in Broken Wave City. A wall collapses into the court chamber at Kyuden Kumiko, killing or injuring many within, including the City Governor, Yoritomo Okai. In the confused aftermath, a young courtier, Yoritomo Ninsei, rallies the remaining city leadership and organizes recovery and reconstruction efforts. Impressed with the young man’s abilities, Yoritomo Naizen names him as the interim Governor of Broken Wave City.
  • 1177, Month of the Rooster -
    Construction of the Temple of Isora begins. Moshi Hyoko and Agasha Ryunobu begin work on the Harmony Rising Library.
  • 1179, Month of the Ox -
    Patient takes over the badly failing Haruhiko’s Bounty Fishmarket, renaming it Natsu-Togamaru’s Bounty, and transforming it into one of the most active markets in Rokugan.
  • 1180, Month of the Goat -
    Akodo Shigetoshi names Broken Wave City as the place where he wishes to duel Yoritomo Naizen over Naizen’s supposed betrayal during the Khan’s Defiance. For whatever reason the duel never occurs.
  • 1184, Month of the Hare -
    Ground is broken on the fabulous Palace of the Emerald Magistrates.

Timeline of Major Events

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