The City of Shifting Tides

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Being for the benefit of the Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates, Bayushi Shinichiro, Son of the House of Bayushi and Topaz Champion of the Test of 1184, Humble Servant of the Scorpion and Magistrate of the City of Broken Waves, and Mirumoto Tetsuya, Son of the House of Mirumoto, both glorious victors of the Battle of Kuro-no-Yoake, the Truest and Most Honored Defenders of Imperial Law within the bounds of Kowari Nami Toshi and the Provinces of Kaigenshima wo Hokanohito ga Kanjo and Ookami no Guko, upon the fifth day of the Month of the Goat, in the year One-Thousand One-Hundred Eighty-Six an archive was ordered to be compiled in the interest of organizing and elucidating upon the information of ongoing investigations.

I, Yasuki Junsuina-yorikiban no Koware Nami Sunda-Yasuki-Yashiki Zoshuwai Zansatsu, have undertaken this task, and herein may be found the requested information.

Greenhorn’s Addendum: “I cannot read half of this, Yasuki-sama”
Zansatsu’s Addendum: “Learn to read, then. Also, stop writing on this”
Greenhorn’s Addendum: “Hai, sama”

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The City of Shifting Tides

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