The City of Salt and Storms



The City of Salt & Storms was written by Yasuki Shishinza in the Autumn of 1184. Part memoir, part history lesson, part instruction manual, part self-aggrandizement, this work, the last work of the first, and former, Emerald Magistrate of Broken Wave City is a large volume meant to instruct his replacement. It is unknown what caused Shishinza to begin to prepare a guide for a replacement; he showed no signs of being ready to retire his post. The guidebook is filled with secrets and inside information, at least what Shishinza put to ink, and is marked for the eyes of Emerald Magistrates, and highly trusted yoriki, only. Say what you will about the man, his work to prepare the next generation was exhaustive; this volume is easily the most comprehensive body of knowledge on Broken Wave City in existence.


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Part 0: A Foreword

Part I: A Brief History

Part II: Ways of the City

Part III: Places of Interest

Part IV: People of Interest

Part V: The Esteemed Emerald Magistrate


The City of Salt and Storms

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