Shiba Moriko


From Shishinza’s Dossier

The only daughter of Shiba Mori and Shiba Sayoko, Shiba Moriko is a quiet and precious young girl who was often a regular attendee of many Garden Parties. Moriko speaks when spoken to, only interjecting herself into a conversation when she feels she has something to add. When she does speak, however, generally people take note; her words have a certain weight. After her brother, Morikatsu’s death, however, Moriko became a rarer sight at Garden Parties and other social events. The young girl is now something of a hermit and is seldom seen outside of her family’s home, a true loss to the people of Broken Wave City. It is not at all uncommon for samurai of all walks of life to ask after Moriko, only to find that even her family has little idea of how she really is.

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Shiba Moriko

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