Shiba Morikatsu


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Shiba Morikatsu was Shiba Sayoko’s second son. He was a friendly and well liked courtier, even among the Mantis, who respected his wit and candor. There was a rather ugly confrontation between Morikatsu and Yoritomo Azula at the House of the Golden Mist. Apparently, while drunk Morikatsu insulted her in some fashion. Neither were willing to speak of what had caused the issue, and so it remains something of a mystery. Despite his attempts to reconcile the situation, Azula received permission to initiate a blood feud in record time. Morikatsu tried to reason with the woman and get her to agree to a duel but Azula was unresponsive. Before the paperwork could be signed off on by the Governor, Morikatsu committed seppuku to invalidate the shugenja-ko’s blood feud and absolve his family from Azula‚Äôs wrath. The entire city mourned for Morikatsu, most famously, Yoritomo Obaami shed tears openly as she read the poem she had written for his death and even attempted to embrace Shiba Sayoko.

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Shiba Morikatsu

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