Regarding the Death of Yasuki Shishinza

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Surely the most tragic event to strike Broken Wave City in its long and illustrious history, the death of Yasuki Shishinza was not just a woeful loss to the Crab Clan, but a dire assault upon the Empire itself, worthy of the utmost attention and the harshest of punishments for those who committed the fell deed. Unfortunately, the murder was carried out with cowardice and secrecy, making many theories and few hard-won facts. What follows are the pieces of information that have been gathered, as well as related information. Included with these pieces of information are the related and most plausible theories.

  • Tsuruchi Michisune’s Report: herein may be found the official report of the locale magistrate of Broken wave city.
    • Michisune’s credibility in this report has been called into question. It was reported by his cousin that Michisune-san is a man more likely to to want to get a job done swiftly and decisively, but not necessarily thoroughly or accurately. When faced with a challenge that he is unable to overcome, he is more likely to give up in frustration.
  • Pious / The Burned Man: It is all but implicitly confirmed that these two men are one and the same, Pious having survived the attempt on his life and adopting a new persona as the Burned Man, a yakuza o-oyabun who is well connected throughout Broken Wave City.
    • It has been suggested that Pious is the true “go player” of Shishinza’s office. His current position as a big boss of the yakuza suggests that he was already well-connected enough to take charge of the local criminal element. It would be an astounding feat for a man to establish themselves so powerfully for the relatively brief time that Pious has been masquerading as the Burned Man.
    • The Burned Man has established a working relationship with the pirate gang known as Remorseless Steel. He has been using the Mujihina Suchiru to fight a shadow war against Hunger & Thirst, to whom he stands in opposition.

Tomino’s Addendum: “He’s incredibly paranoid and hard to get a hold of, making conversations few and far between.”

  • Widow’s Peak: the sole informant and witness of the event described in Michisune’s report. There is a mystery surrounding this man: the Widow’s Peak who spoke to Tsuruchi Michisune is a distinctly different man than the one who is known to the people of Heavy Iron Island. The Widow’s Peak that is known to his contemporaries is a strong and steadfast man, very much unlike the crying and grovelling man that is described in the report. Furthermore, since the time that he was interviewed by Michisune-san, Widow’s Peak has vanished. His current whereabouts are unknown.
    • Widow’s Peak, as a witness to the event, may have been a target for whomever committed the crime. It is possible that the true Widow’s Peak was smuggled away and hidden by Burned Man; while his testimony counts for nothing, it could nonetheless be the fulcrum upon which the investigation balances. Burned Man may have replaced Widow’s Peak with one of his yakuza thugs, a man who was crying and terrified of Samurai authorities, thinking that his death was imminent.
  • Hunger & Thirst: The obvious culprits behind the crime.
    • Shishinza-sama commented on how much this group vexed him, and Hunger & Thirst themselves wrote a letter to the Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates stating that Shishinza was not but a piece in a greater game. Given their general disregard for Shishinza, it would be unlikely that Hunger & Thirst would have him killed; why kill a man that you consider not to be a threat, especially knowing that he would be replaced by parties unknown?
  • Shishinza’s Busniesses: There were many salacious rumors that the businesses that Shishinza maintained might have been of a questionable nature. While these rumors are false and unfounded, it nonetheless may have drawn ire from the criminal underbelly of Broken Wave City, who might have sought to remove him as a vexation.

Tomino’s Addendum: “We have extensive records on the listed businesses that he maintained, and strange citations note some connection to Jerako…?”

Zansatsu’s Addendum: “Indeed, Shishinza’s paperwork suggests that Jerako may have maintained several illegal businesses within the city. Shishinza may or may not have been aware of them, but each of these businesses had closures that were coterminous with Shishinza’s death. I speculate a bit on this in the section ‘Regarding Public Unrest’.”

Regarding the Death of Yasuki Shishinza

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