Regarding Shadowlands Incursions

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Even this far north and east, and out at sea no less, Koware Nami Toshi still has a history of conflict with the forces of the Shadowlands. The Dark Wave Fleet have not only left scars on the face of Kaigen’s Island, but are in fact the very reason why it exists. This legacy has left its mark upon present day Broken Wave City. Below are listed the known threats of the Shadowlands in or around the city.

  • Yoritomo Kitao: a once legendary figure within the Mantis Clan, long since believed to be dead. However, the due diligence of Kuni Daimitsuubianobukatsu has revealed that Kitao still walks in Rokugan. Now one of the ranks of the Lost, Kitao lurks in the tunnels beneath Kaigen’s Island. A potential threat in and of itself, Kitao also has in her possession the Kama of Yoritomo, relics of the Mantis Clan that ought to be recovered from her now unholy and unworthy grasp.
  • Oni-No-Kaomasen: Strange faceless demons that have a knack for subtlety. They can lurk unnoticed in any crowd, their demonic nature only becoming apparent when one looks them directly in the face. They have a slight mastery of blood sorcery, and have deadly claws. Their numbers are unknown, but they have escaped among the populace of Kaigen’s Island. They were initially summoned by Susumu Mogai, a powerful maho-tsukai who went by the title of “Master of Pain.” While Mogai himself was slain in conflict with the Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates, the kaomasen that he conjured were not completely slain.

Zansatsu’s Addendum: “While I feel like the samurai of the Spider Clan should be listed here, that’s just my personal opinion; never trust a Spider.”

Kumiko’s Addendum: “You should speak with Kakita Jin-San then, when I last saw him he had a spider on his head.”

Tetsuya’s Addendum: “If we could only solve these problems, we could put more resources towards local issues. And why should the Spider be on this list?”

Greenhorn’s Addendum: “Seems odd to read Mirumoto-sama’s question now, even though it hasn’t been so long since Thunder’s Watch, it feels like half a lifetime ago. We have so much work behind us, good work, but so much more work to come.”

Regarding Shadowlands Incursions

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