Regarding Public Unrest

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“Peaceful” and “idyllic” are two words that could be used to describe Broken Wave City… if the man describing the city were deeply, deeply stupid.

  • Phoenix versus Mantis: the largest and most prevalent conflict on the island, born of the history of bad blood between the two clans. There are many minor conflicts born out of this larger one. Primary among these, it is believed that Hunger & Thirst are a group born of this conflict, likely allied to the Phoenix, though some theories attribute them to the Mantis. Regardless, if they are a symptom of the conflict between the Mantis and the Phoenix, then working to forge goodwill between the two Clans might do a great deal to alleviate the problem. At the very least, it will provide them less ground to go to.
  • Ninsei versus Jera: the two would-be governors of the city. Each has followers and supporters within the court of Koware Nami Toshi, and there is certainly no love lost between these two. More accurate to say would be that there is no love lost between Jera and Obaami, the true power behind Ninsei. The Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates have felt that it is best that they remain neutral in this power conflict, a stance that is both diplomatic and guarded. The Emerald Office couldn’t afford to accidentally make enemies, after all.
  • Local Riots: born of water shortages, the people of Broken Wave City have grown uneasy and angry. Not long ago the city suffered a series of riots over the shortage of water. The riots began in the Merchant Quarter as a small conflict between kajinen and grew wildly out of proportion over the course of a few hours. The riots were swiftly dealt with by the city watch, and the event has since been used as a catalyst to enable Jera to impose martial law over the city.
    Tetsuya’s Addendum: “The Burned Man claimed it was his kajinen who were attacked, and that sparked the riots.”
  • Jerako and the Watch: A woman with an ill reputation. She is listed as being the proprietor of several dens of ill-repute.

Zansatsu’s Addendum: “I’ve a pet theory that Jerako might be a potential suspect in my uncle’s death. She is, as I said, listed as being the proprietor of several less-than-legal operations. The businesses shutting down coinciding with the death of Shishinza might have been a result of Jerako being ordered to clean up her act by her father. I’ve no proof of any of this, of course, but it is a compelling thought.”

Regarding Public Unrest

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