Regarding Hunger and Thirst

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Perhaps the single greatest threat to the safety and security of Koware Nami Toshi, Hunger & Thirst are the leaders of a vicious kaizkuban group known as the Reavers of Scarcity. They are a constant threat, seeking to sink food and water shipments coming into the city, and have made incursions into the city itself to make efforts to destroy the stores of supplies that are maintained in the city proper. With identities unknown and a seeming preternatural awareness of where to strike, as well as a knack for rooting out spies in their midst, Hunger & Thirst can seem at first glance to be more yorei than man. But the Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates have, in the course of their duties, managed to dredge up some small bits of information about them. While much is speculation, there are many theories about Hunger & Thirst, their identities, their methods, and their ultimate goals. What is known or posited by the Office of the Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates is recorded here.

Hunger and Thirst: the excerpt from Shishinza’s dossier, with a copy of the letter left for the Most Esteemed Emerald Magistrates.

  • Hunger & Thirst are clearly desirous of seeing Koware Nami Toshi fail. There a is no other reason for their wanton destruction of foodstuffs and water.
    • Given that Broken Wave City is a Mantis holding, it would seem to benefit the Phoenix Clan the most to see the city fail. It has thus been suggested that Hunger & Thirst might in fact be samurai in service to the Phoenix. With the Most Exalted Empress Iweko’s Decree of Peace in effect, the Phoenix would have no recourse but the resort to subterfuge to wage war against the Mantis. If they are Phoenix, it would explain their efficiency and ease with which spies and plants are rooted out within the organization; the Phoenix Clan has ready access to the magics necessary to discover the information they need to surgically strike to the shipments coming into the city.
    • Hunger & Thirst may also be samurai of the Mantis Clan. If this is the case, they may simply be a tool to appeal to the Imperial Court to do battle against the Phoenix; if we have realized that the Phoenix will benefit the most from starving out Koware Nami Toshi, then it would not be difficult for others to come to the same conclusion. It would explain the ease with which Hunger &Thirst learn of Mantis Patrols; it also accounts for why there are no survivors of these attacks; the Mantis crewman simply jump ship and join Hunger & Thirst. The Mantis are the unquestioned masters of sailing, with a navy larger than all of the other Clans combined; if they truly wanted Hunger & Thirst gone, it would be easy enough to implement, bringing an overwhelming force to bear against them.

Zansatsu’s Addendum: “… We really don’t know much, do we?”

Regarding Hunger and Thirst

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