Mirumoto Shiten


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Like so many of his clansmen, Mirumoto Shiten is a dabbler in many arts and a master in none. He is a swordsman, a poet, and a theologian; he is a philosopher, an artist, and an archer; he is a diplomat, a courtier, and an adviser; he is a teacher and a student. But mainly he is mysterious and enigmatic. I wonder how much of his mystic routine is simply rote learned from the years within the Dragon mountains? Regardless, he is knowledgeable of the sea and the life which lives within and upon it. He is an accomplished herbalist and his expertise is available at no cost and with no political leanings attached. He is a wonderful tool for an esteemed Emerald Magistrate, even if he may be hard to wield.

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Mirumoto Shiten

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