From Shishinza’s Dossier

There are few people who pose a problem to public order the way Measure does. She is a paradox. I have cuffed Measure three times, and the local magistrates have done so twice, not to mention the countless fines which have been levied against her and Takamasa‚Äôs incessant threats, and yet she remains problematic. She is a mercenary but even under torture will never reveal her employers. She has cheated gambling houses, brawled with other samurai, generally Mantis, and has been disruptive to social order. She was even caught with illegal opium once, though, with the testimony of several other samurai, mostly ronin, she successfully claimed that she was “in the process of delivering it to the Emerald Magistrate for proper destruction.” Despite all this, I find myself respecting her. Measure has cheated gambling houses, yes, but she gave her ill-gotten gains to heimin gambling addicts. She quarrels with samurai, however, usually she does so to give some poor peasant being needlessly browbeat the chance to escape. I can’t explain away all of her transgressions, but the ones I can explain away make me think there is more to Measure than meets the eye. I hope she will either shape up, or become more subtle. I would hate to punish her further.

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