Madame Strange


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Everything that can be said of Madame Izanami, the opposite could be said of her low-class contemporary, Madame Strange. Strange’s establishment, the House of the Laughing World, is a parody of the House of the Golden Mist. Where Izanami is untouchable and a master of grace, Strange is a harping whore passed around from customer to customer who is more concerned with her own pleasure than the pleasure of her clients. Izanami is the unofficial queen of social favor, Strange is the self-proclaimed Queen of Misrule, lending voice and influence to the misfits which fall below the Golden Mist’s quality standards. Despite her unruly reputation, Madame Strange herself has always been respectful to me and my station, always helpful when a case called for it, and for that I suppose I was fortunate. Broken Wave City is home to many rude and crass so-called misfits whose minds can be easily swayed by their mistress and master.

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Madame Strange

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