Madame Izanami


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Among Madames none are more discreet, nor more successful, than Madame Izanami. Izanami herself is quite alluring, with an eye for the minutiae which can make the difference between an establishment of class or crass. A line the House of the Golden Mist straddles expertly, never falling on the wrong side, but always teasing to. She is a consummate singer and performer, and a graceful hostess. Everything at her House is available except for Izanami herself, and that ultimately makes her all the more desirable. To toy within the mind with what is implied but ultimately forever unfulfilled is the ultimate skill of a geisha, and Izanami is its master. Each conversation with Izanami is enrapturing because you are never certain if you are speaking to the real Izanami or one of her thousands of faces, personalities she wears and casts off at the needs of her clientele. She is the queen of matters of fashion, gossip, and social favor on par with the power of Ninsei and Jera in their respective spheres of influence. Even stranger, is Izanami as a madame and manager of her own affairs at such a young age; an age when most geisha are still decades away from such a position.

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Madame Izanami

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