Kitsune Shinayagami


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Art imitates life, except in Kitsune Shinayagami’s case, art is life. Though he was stationed in Broken Wave City to manage Kitsune mercantile interests in the city it is his devotion to his craft which defines his place in the city. Shinayagami does not simply sculpt wood, stone, and coral, he breathes life into them. As one of the pioneers of a new Kitsune Artisan technique, he has turned his mastery over natural substances into a sensation which has swept through the Mantis lands. Sculpture, usually considered a second rate art, takes on new importance when the statue seems about to emerge alive from its marble prison. Shinayagami’s sculptures are desired all across the city, though, he only personally carves three or four in any given year, due mostly to the demands of his duties as the head of the Kitsune of Broken Wave City. As such, his work commands a high price, and those who possess a genuine Shinayagami are sure to be the talk of the town. Of course, for those who lack affluence or influence, Shinayagami’s students are available.

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Kitsune Shinayagami

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