Kakita Jin


Jin’s Form

A tough looking fellow who seems to look as though deep in though at times. His calm collected thoughts always steering him towards the path of honor. White hair resting around his shoulder blades and a fair completion appear coming from his stiff clothing. Dark eyes filled with an honorable smile when at work, and most worried when there is lower amounts of activity.

Jin’s Truth

Jin is uneasy around monks and shugenja, he doesn’t trust them entirely. For what reason is unsure but he seems to keep this fact a secret from most. To this day Jin feels his archery is terrible. Weather it be as a leftover amorous thought or simply a lacking of skill, is yet to be determined.

Jin’s Regret

Jin’s first day on the archery range at the Daidoji school was a momentous one. This is were he first encountered his true love, Daidoji Kyomi (now Kakita Kyomi.) When they first met something came over him and it was powerful. Jin could never touch a bow again and not be reminded of her instructive touch on the fields that morning. He felt that if he was bad at archery, she would spend more time with him instructing. Over the years he fell behind in archery; never learning a thing past the very basics. Once Gempukku came and went and he had been assigned to his posting, Jin knew he may never see his love again. He confronts her in private about his passions and what to do about them. He is told this is a foolish boy’s thoughts and to dismiss them. She was betrothed to Kakita Ichiro. Knowing there is nothing that could change her mind, he accepted his new position and continues on with his duties with a crude smile.

Kakita Jin

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