Kakita Asayo


From Shishinza’s Dossier

In a clan where talented practitioners of the art of iai are as common as sand along the beaches, those with passion but little innate ability or heritage are often turned aside. Kakita Asayo is such a duelist. Though both his parents were artisans, Asayo longed to perfect the art of the sword. Since his training in iaijutsu began late, he always lagged behind his fellow Kakita. After his gempukku, he was sent to Broken Wave City to defend the myriad Crane who live on the island. It was a dead-end posting, and he knows it. He has spent nearly every moment since coming here training his art so that when he is called back home they will know him as a true duelist. I, for one, wish him luck.

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Kakita Asayo

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