From Shishinza’s Dossier

There are innumerable pirates and bandits which hunt the sea lanes for poorly protected trading vessels. Often, a number of these pirate ships will bind together under a single leader for mutual protection and gain. These are the kaizokuban, the pirate gangs. When pirates and kaizokuban ply their “trade” they wind up in possession of legally stamped and accounted for trading goods which become difficult to sell once they are stolen, and subsequently flagged. There is a delay between the theft and the goods being flagged, and sometimes those goods can be sold in that time period, though often, the stolen commodities must be fenced, bought and sold in illegal markets. All major maritime trading hubs have a black market of some type, though some are more open than others. In Broken Wave City, there is the Bounty. Although the Bounty is rumored to offer many less-than strictly legal items, the Bounty does not traffic in pirated goods. Kaigen’s Island, and the surrounding archipelago have become one of the most popular places for fences and commodities launderers. As such, the waters are often filled with various kaizokuban, most selling their black-flagged goods and moving on. Some stay though, and steal from the shipping lanes which encircle Broken Wave City. Of course, piracy is a crime against the Emperor, and any kaizokuban are certainly perpetrators of crimes of national scope, it is not easy to wipe them out. A single pirate captain, or seafaring bandit ship is easy enough to put down and bring to justice. Whole kaizokuban, however, seem to spring back to life so long as even a single ship escapes one’s grasp, so one must be careful to ensnare whole kaizokuban with a single grand operation. Luckily, pirates are a cowardly lot, and it is not difficult to convince the petty heimin to become shakuhachi players. An example should always be made of pirates when one apprehends them. It is important to remember that nearly everything in Broken Wave City must be imported by trading ships. Anything which threatens or limits that trade should be seen as a grave threat to public order.

Known Kaizokuban

The following is an accounting of the Kaizokuban known to be actively operating in the Kaigen’s Island Region. With great investigative effort on the part of the Emerald Magistrature, this listing is thought to be a full and complete accounting of the pirates who ply the waters of the City of Salt and Storms.

Firstly, the soldiers of Hunger and Thirst, heads of the Reaver’s Coalition, and pirates without equal:

Next, a listing of the most established Kaizokuban, which have plagued the Ring since the very infancy of Broken Wave City:

And the newcomers, brought to these waters by the promise of riches and infamy into the Reaver’s Coalition from seas both near and far:

Lastly, those Kaizokuban which have been brought to heel, either destroyed outright, decimated, or sent fleeing from our waters:

  • Yurei no Sanada, the Ghosts of Sanada, Elimanated by the Emerald Magistrature

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