House of the Golden Mist


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Behind the high wall encircling this establishment, which is ostensibly a teahouse, Madame Izanami offers a commodity which is very scarce in the cramped confines of Broken Wave City – privacy. Those who so desire may divest themselves of their identity for a time, replacing distinctive clan garb with an unadorned kimono and mask of gray silk. Patrons can then engage in all sorts of behavior that would otherwise be considered unacceptable or even scandalous, without fear of losing on. The House of the Golden Mist is not an inexpensive establishment, however; generally, only the wealthy and well-connected can obtain access to the particular discretion – and the goods and services that go with it – offered here. Fortunately, as the Emerald Magistrate, you will soon be a part of the wealthy and the well-connected, and as such, the wonders of the House of the Golden Mist can be yours. The Yoritomo own and operate the House, though Izanami herself manages the geisha and other talent.

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House of the Golden Mist

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