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Legend of the Five Rings: Shadowed Autumn Leaves

Shadowed autumn leaves
Falling from darkness to light
A once living shroud
Beneath hallowed shadowed leaves
Lie my expended brothers

“You must be two samurai; the shining example, the paragon, the firm hand, and also the pragmatist, the diplomat, the compromiser. It is not easy. Being an Emerald Magistrate is being engaged on a constant battlefield, a battlefield which is also your home; being an Emerald Magistrate is an unending war against lawlessness, and the odds are stacked against you. May the Fortunes guide you.”
- Yasuki Shishinza, Esteemed Emerald Magistrate of Koware Nami Toshi

Welcome to the Shadowed Autumn Leaves Wiki!

My Current Projects are:
Module Slugs, oh god the Module Slugs.

Player Projects are:
Case Reports (xp for everyone!)
May be time for an update to everyone’s character page considering recent events.
Character Portraits
Make Character Pages for Dark Parallels (if you played one)
Suggest Characters for the Ring of Water section; who is important to you?

Also, I am considering offering some modest xp for everyone across the board if a player, or a couple players, want to write accounts of previous modules/missions from their character’s perspectives and posting them in the correct place on the wiki (report of taking measure in the taking measure slug, etc). Would anyone be interested in that?

Well. It has been a long while since I last updated the wiki. Things have been, well, interesting, you all know that. To those of you who remain, thank you for believing in this game, which for me is no longer a labor of love, but just a labor. I know you are all still excited about this little game, and hopefully, that excitement will move to me via osmosis and reignite my passion for Shadowed Autumn Leaves.

New update. I really ought to date these front page updates, not that anyone sees them. Unfortunately Photobucket has decided to fuck me and all its other users, and wants 40 bucks a month to maintain my ridiculously small amount of 3rd party hosting for the pics on the wiki, soooo its broken for now. I’m looking into other solutions, perhaps Ascendancy. We’ll see. For now, bare with the unseemly appearance, and tell Photobucket to fuck itself.

- Dylan

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