“I’m getting the distinct feeling that I should have negotiated a higher fee, Bayushi-sama.”

From Shishinza’s Dossier

Bright eyed and ready for anything, Greenhorn is a ronin for hire that I have taken advantage of several times. His rates are fairly low, and he is a fair shot with a yumi, if you’ve got a spare you can lend him. Greenhorn’s best traits are his honorable nature, for a ronin, anyways, and his willingness to listen and follow orders and instruction. Greenhorn is also a fairly good sailor and navigator. If you and your yoriki lack such skills and have need to travel by boat, Greenhorn will be more than worth his fee for saving you several days afloat. If the man has one drawback it is that he tends to rush headlong into dangerous situations, and due to his helpful nature, you will likely wish to rush headlong after him to save him. Unlike most who suffer from such overconfidence, Greenhorn does not overvalue himself or step out of line. The source of his temerity is a powerful desire to please and impress his employers, and as such, I found little fault with him. His desire to please me allowed me to easily overlook his audacious combat style.

Appearance and Personality

Greenhorn is a man of contradictions. Broad-shoulders contrast with the uniquely gaunt physique which comes from growing up malnourished. His bright eyes and fresh face contrast with skin and hands weathered from sun exposure and time spent at sea. He has a few notable scars, but not nearly as many as other men in his profession. Greenhorn’s hair is a sun-bleached brown mop loosely tied into something one might call a top-knot if they were feeling particularly generous; a top-knot with more than a passing resemblance to one a young samurai child might wear before they are taught the proper technique. Also like a young boy, Greenhorn displays over much emotion, his facial expressions too quick and too plainly presented to be polite. Despite his lack of refinement, there is something effortlessly pleasant about the young ronin, and even the most curmudgeonly and haughty tend to give him more slack than his lowly position can usually afford. His clothes are ratty and frayed, but the shoddiness of his dress pales in comparison to the sorry state of the man’s wakizashi. Its blade is broken in half, its flat is cracked, and its blade chipped and corroded. Not surprisingly it rarely, if ever, leaves its conspicuously new saya.


Broken Wave City is replete with opportunity for men of low origins and high ambitions. Greenhorn was one such man, arriving in Broken Wave City three summers past, a boy no more than 14, fresh from what passes for a gempukku among ronin, eager in equal measure for gold, glory, and recognition. Such was his youthful exuberance, inexperience, and undeserved confidence the established swords for hire took one look at the boy and saw little more than a future corpse. Koware Nami Noshi, after all, holds as many pitfalls as it does opportunities. They named him Greenhorn, and that name has stuck ever since. Shortly after beginning his burgeoning mercenary career in Broken Wave City, Greenhorn met the Emerald Magistrate, Yasuki Shishinza, and his path was irrevocably altered. Work with the Emerald Magistrature offered him both the koku and recognition he desired, but also gave him a sense of pride in an honorable day’s work and a taste of the finer things in life. The young ronin was star struck, his interactions with Shishinza more closely resembling hero worship than business transaction. Though the Crab offered him many contracts during his tenure as Emerald Magistrate, Greenhorn quickly grew hungry for more. He endeavored to learn as much about Rokugani law and investigation as he could glean from his idol during his contract work. Greenhorn’s ambition was set; his aspiration, nothing less than the jitte of an Emerald yoriki.

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