Doji Takako


From Shishinza’s Dossier

The Crane Clan Ambassador is in many ways the ideal Crane. She is graceful and welcoming, and is a staple of the court and of social functions. She fights hard for her clan in both arenas but does so while still managing not to offend or create unnecessary tension or conflict, not always an easy task among the sometimes volatile Mantis. The main point of friction between her Clan and the Mantis since the inception of Broken Wave City has been the shift of naval power from the remote Islands of Silk and Spice to the Rokugani Mainland via Broken Wave City. This shift in naval power has had far reaching diplomatic effects which the Crane seek to mitigate or turn to their advantage. Doji Takako is their instrument to that end. Takako is the fourth Crane Ambassador in Broken Wave City, and it seems as though she will have a longer career than her predecessors.

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Doji Takako

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