All Smiles


From Shishinza’s Dossier

Once you see All Smiles you will never forget him. He dresses in garish clashing colors, and wears his swords without sayas. He has yellowed teeth and a certain stink which is more befitting an eta than a proper person. The man has a grating and distinctive laugh, and is a compulsive liar. Most shockingly are the scars which ebb and flow across his face, the two deepest of which seem to form a grotesque smile, hence the name. Though the strange ronin is a highly recommended sword-for-hire, I personally never used him for what should now be obvious reasons. In spite of his obviously distasteful nature, he seems to work steadily and stays out of trouble. He often works at the House of the Laughing World as a bouncer, though, I’ve heard that when he works there he often smells better than normal, perhaps Madame Strange turns him away when his stench is more powerful than her allure.

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All Smiles

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