Abbott Sanusuke and Abbott Yosuke


From Shishinza’s Dossier

The twin abbotts of the Twin Temples to Kenro-ji-jin and Kyofoki are odd, even for senior monks of minor Fortunes. Sanusuke and Yosuke look exactly alike, the only way to distinguish them are the complex theological symbols they carry. Not only do they look alike, their voices are exactly the same and they have the same manner of speaking. They finish each other’s phrases and sentences as if they shared a single mind. Even stranger, is that both men are elderly, which means, some fifty years ago two identical twins were born, became monks, and happened to specialize in worship of two particular minor Fortunes with seemingly no connection to each other. Then Kaigen’s Island arises and those exact two minor Fortunes become vitally important to its religious make up. The Fortunes are wise indeed.

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Abbott Sanusuke and Abbott Yosuke

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