A Final Word


From Shishinza’s Dossier

“Every journey begins with a single step. Step well, and your journey will be filled with fortune. Step poorly and it will be wrought with disaster.” – Shinsei

I have endeavored to give you everything one would require to “step well,” and so I urge you to take the Little Teacher’s words to heart. I do not know what fate and kharma have gifted you thus far, but, now, you are starting anew, and the stakes are very likely higher now for you than they ever have been. I urge you to heed what my experiences have taught me, what this city has taught me, and build upon it. I urge you to be not just an Emerald Magistrate, but an esteemed Emerald Magistrate. There are few things as difficult as putting the well-being of your new home above the lessons which have been implanted within you from your infancy, but you must. Bushido will guide you, yes, but, bushido is but the beginning, the first of many lessons you must learn if you are to excel here. Shinsei said it far better than I ever could, so forgive me for borrowing his wisdom once more; “Only when you are in the grave will you have nothing more to learn.” Listen well to this city, Koware Nami Toshi, the City of Salt & Storms, The City Atop the Sea, the City Without a Past, for it has much to tell you, and it needs you. It needs the strength of Honor, yes, but it also needs the strength of Duty. You must be two samurai; the shining example, the paragon, the firm hand, and also the pragmatist, the diplomat, the compromiser. It is not easy. Being an Emerald Magistrate is being engaged on a constant battlefield, a battlefield which is also your home; being an Emerald Magistrate is an unending war against lawlessness, and the odds are stacked against you. May the Fortunes guide you.

“On the battlefield, all actions are honorable.” – Akodo
“Victory wipes away all dishonor.” – Hida Kisada

A Final Word

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