Yoritomo Uzuya

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“My superior will have considerably less patience for you than I will, samurai-san.”

Appearance and Personality

There is always a certain look to a lifelong bushi who has been forced into clerical work. Yoritomo Uzaya has that look. His eyes are often at the horizon, staring out to sea. He dresses in the style of a Third Storm officer, though the sleeves are shorter and often stained with ink from his duties behind a desk. His hair is worn in a short top-knot with the facial hair of a grizzled sailor. The few times he has been seen with his selves up the distinctive tattoos of the Yoritomo Navy can be seen branding his arms. Though he can be somewhat taciturn, he has proven that he is reasonable, and can be worked with, despite the Third Storm’s general disapproval of the actions of the Emerald Magistrates.


One does not become an officer in the Third Storm without reason, so, although Uzuya has not shared any tales of his exploits at sea, there are surely many stories to tell. Since becoming a Chui, however, it is likely the middle-aged Yoritomo has not done much of note, save paperwork, and saving face for his often maligned organization.

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Yoritomo Uzuya

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