Yoritomo Ryurai


I see your truth, Quiet Storm. You show the world your eye.
- The Burned Man

Appearance and Personality

Birth name : Yoritomo Ooguro
Gempuku Name: Yoritomo Ryurai

Yoritomo Ryurai is by all accounts a handsome man. He tends to keep his hair messy most of the time, but as it is short it cannot really look too unkempt. The same could not be said for his beard which he keeps quite clean and well manicured. Ryurai is larger than the average samurai, with well defined musculature, owing itself to the hours upon hours spent training. His bearing is graceful and purposed.

Yoritomo Ryurai wears the mantle of Kuge well for one only one generation removed from piracy. His mother, Yoritomo Togarinehime, had set his path from an early age to be that of a courtier. He carries himself with confidence and level-headedness gained through years of training for the courts of Rokugan, aided by responsibility of representing his clan as well as his family. He treats all including those of lower status with kindness and respect, unless they prove themselves undeserving of both. Quick with a kind word and patient beyond what most believe a Mantis capable, Ryurai stands out even among The Mantis , a clan known for individuality among its number.



As a child he played with the other children in his family unaware of the height of their position. Once his father died, Yoritomo Togarinehime took over the direction that his life would take. Fearing to lose what was left of her husband she forced young Ooguro to begin his studies as a courtier to keep him safe from harm. Though he disliked the path that his mother had laid before him he was determined to do well. He took to his studies with such ease that he surprised many of his instructors, but the life of a courtier was not what he truly desired.

So young Ooguro came up with a plan, if his mother wouldn’t allow him to live the life that he desired than he would have to prove himself to someone who could override her authority. Then sure enough one day his small family was to be hosted by his uncle Yoritomo Naizen, the Mantis Clan Champion. So in the time leading up to the visit he practiced what few Kata he had remembered seeing his father perform, knowiing that the day he would have the chance to talk with his uncle about his secret desire was fast approaching. When the day came his uncle paid him no attention at first, discussing many things and remeniscing about Hideyoshi with his mother. As soon as talk of his father had ended Ooguro brought out his wooden practice set of Kama and kiai shouted, he moved how he imagined the thunder and lightning would if they were trying to impress someone enough to change their fate. After it was all said and done his mother was very visibly angry and his uncle Naizen, his cousin Hiromi, and another man the young Ooguro did not recognize were laughing. He embarrased, ran to his elder sister and clutched at her kimono, crying all the while. Eventually his uncle would tell him that he had been very brave to put on the display that he had. His mother told him that doing so was both foolish and extremely rude. The stranger however whispered a question into Ooguro’s ear “Is this what you want? To be a warrior like your father?” The small boy nodded teary eyed and said “but i know it isn’t what my mother wants”.

Since arriving in Broken Wave City Ryurai has found himself in a quandary. This being that he has duty to clan, duty to his immediate superiors, as well as to the Emerald Seneschal himself. He was assigned to the Magistrates very early in their tenure by Otomo Tadenori as a means of discovering how they operate together, he was also tasked with giving an honest accounting of persons in the Office of the Magistrate.

Over time he has developed a great deal of respect for those that he works with.


Yoritomo Hideyoshi

Ryurai’s father, Yoritomo Hideyoshi, was the younger brother to Yoritomo Naizen. In the time before they were members of the Mantis Clan he acted as Naizen’s Strategist, tempering Naizen’s ambition with level headed thinking, and acting as a sounding board for various ideas. Since ceasing their days of piracy Hideyoshi and Naizen adjusted to life among the Mantis Kuge better than could have been expected. During Ryurai’s early childhood his father was a shining example of honor, martial prowess, and kindness. But that example was not to remain. Before Ryurai’s 5th year Hideyoshi took gravely ill with an unknown wasting disease. At first his breath became short and labored, and over time he became more and more easily fatigued. Within the year he was bedridden. But while his body was failing, he put his mind to work. Before he died, he wrote several letters to both of his children. They were his way of guiding them and leaving something for them to remember him. The letters contained everything from dealing with his wife (their mother) to dealing with combat situations, both in war and in court, both on land and at sea. Upon the completion of what he decided would be his final works, he breathed his last and died.

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Yoritomo Togarinehime

Yoritomo Togarinehime, Ryurai’s mother, is a critical woman possessed of a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit. Once a great beauty, moving deftly throughout the courts of Rokugan. Togarinehime was a woman whose forceful tones had helped moved forward several favorable dealings for the mantis clan. Many thought that the woman had no desire for husband or family. This idea was due to the fact that all advances and overtures aimed in her direction were treated as waves on breakers, on the rare occasion the suitor would push his luck, he was “treated” to a very public dressing down and encouraged to never again entertain the idea of such a pairing. This continued until the day she met Yoritomo Hideyoshi, the man who would be her husband. From the beginning the man was very blunt with her and with his intentions. Those intentions were to both be her husband, he did this often by talking to her in a way overly familiar and calling her his bride, and his desire to coax that which he called the most elusive of flowers from her lips, a smile. At first she thought the man simply brash rabble trying at nothing more than to bed or embarrass her. Over time though, due in no small part to his persistence which she found quite charming, he eventually ground down the resistances that she had to the idea and began to spend time with the former pirate. They would eventually be wed, much to the surprise of those that knew her, and would have a family. In the remainder of their time together Togarinehime was by all accounts happier for the joining, all this however was not to last. When the wasting sickness that would eventually take Hideyoshi arrived, she began to become more and more overbearing and paranoid, and she acted as though those she cared about would be unable to survive the world without her.


Kitsune (Yoritomo) Wananari

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Yoritomo Ryurai

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