Tsuruchi Michisune

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“Who can explain the folly of a peasant?”

Appearance and Personality

Broad shouldered and strong, Michisune is no stranger to hard work. He wears his hair practically, short, and keep pulled back, and has a thick mustache. He is a typical samurai in that he keeps an stern face at all times, treats his superiors with proper deference, and treats those beneath him as below his mere notice. The Tsuruchi magistrate is knowledgeable of Rokugani law and inductive investigating techniques, and has many solved crimes under his obi.


Having been born to a reasonably connected family, Michisune became a local Magistrate in the city of his birth, Kyuden Ashinagabachi. When watchful eyes were needed in Broken Wave City, Michisune volunteered to travel to the new holding and serve his Clan there. After several years of work, Michinsune was hand-selected by Tsuruchi Takamasa to serve as his second-in-command, a position of particular privilege due to Takamasa’s predisposition to undertake frequent clandestine missions. Michisune personally oversaw the investigation of Yasuki Shishinza’s death, and the subsequent cover-up of the details of the crime.

Yasuki Shishinza’s Murder

Tsuruchi Michisune was the lead magistrate in the investigation of Yasuki Shishinza’s death. While he worked the case tirelessly, his efforts were in vain. Although he had the desire to catch the Emerald Magistrate’s killers, he had little faith in the scant evidence he managed to uncover. He dutifully wrote out a full report for his superior and the Offices of the Emerald Champion before resigning himself to his other duties, glad to pass on the case to a new set of trained investigators. Later investigations by the new Emerald Magistrates brought Michisune’s competency into question, though no formal accusations of malfeasance were brought forth.

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Tsuruchi Michisune

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