Tsi Tsingtao


“Talent is useless. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius is useless. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education is useless. The world is full of educated failures. Determination alone makes a man omnipotent.”

Appearance and Personality

Tsingtao is tall and strong. His muscled arms and calloused hands bespeak his talent at the forge. He is possessed of a few burn scars here and there, but he pays them no mind. He generally is seen with a shaved head, though he does allow a small covering of hair to grow before he shaves it again. Much longer by far are his beard and mustache, worn in long braids that dangle before him. His gaze is severe, at odds with the often all-too-pleasant words that issue forth from him.

The Oriole have a long and proud history of skilled smiths, but Tsingtao has a natural ease that makes him a true master of his craft. While the crafting of weaponry remains his forte, there is virtually nothing that Tsingtao cannot forge or build.


Had he been born in more peaceful times, Tsingtao’s talents would likely have been put to use bettering his Clan and his Empire. Such was not the case however. In a time of tumult and unease between the clans, Tsingtao desires that which will benefit the Tsi the most: all out war. In a time of conflict, after all, is it not the weaponsmiths who profit the most?

That singular goal drove him since his gempukku, and it has become a central facet of his character, so much so that he has long ago lost sight of his original goal. While he is aware that war would benefit his clan, he now wishes to see all out war for its own sake. Most dangerous of all, perhaps, is his talent at making such tensions between the clan far worse.

Theme Song: Throne of Blood


Tsi Tsingtao

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