Shosuro Dakuraego


“You want your answers? Do as I. Follow the big money.”

Appearance and Personality

Equal parts charming, smarmy, and slimy, Shosuro Dakuraego exudes a miasma of disreputability. From his toothy, half-crazed grin, to his bleach white mustache, his breathy laugh, and his graveled voice, it seems no man in Rokugan would be so untrustworthy. His smile and laughter come easily, and he is friendly in tone and manner. His clothes are fine, richly patterned, and soft, in stark contrast to his weathered and leathery skin. He speaks as a worldly man, who has seen most every place that Rokugan has to offer, and perhaps even beyond. Where ever he goes his simian companion, O-Koku, is never far, and despite his kinship to the animal it remains relatively wild and untamed.


Little is known of the wily merchant’s birth or purpose in the City of Salt and Storms, though he seems quietly assured of his own importance. For all that confidence, he remains a virtual unknown in the court, and patrons no merchants. The people of Broken Wave City continue with their own schemes and plans, giving Shosuro Dakuraego little mind, if they notice him at all.

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Shosuro Dakuraego

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