Otomo Tadenori

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“Hurry along now, child, a true samurai’s work is never concluded, so I have precious little time for your foolishness.”

Appearance and Personality

Equal parts wise and curt, Otomo Tadenori acts as a man who know his time is running out. Though he always speaks and acts in a manner which is beyond reproach, he seldom minces words. Overt niceties are the province of those with time, and Tadenori’s, unfortunately is coming to an end. Though he is still mentally at his peak, age has taken its toll on the Otomo Courtier’s body, forcing him to walk with a distinct limp. He wears a long beard, white with age, which is always impeccably kept, and his hair in a modest ponytail. His clothing is exquisitely crafted, and elegantly patterned, but not tailored to give an imposing impression like the courtly garb of most samurai.


World weary from decades of service spanning from the Last Hantei to the First Iweko, Tadenori, now nearing his seventy second year, has directly served three distinct Emperors, seen the fall of two dynasties, and the coming of a new Sun and Moon, twice. To say he has experienced great loss in the tumultuous times he has served during would be a grave understatement. After the death of the Emerald Champion, Shosuro Jimen, in 1173, the Divine Empress Iweko I named Tadenori her Emerald Seneschal, a position of honor suitable to Tadenori’s station and reputation. The position gave Tadenori authority over the secretarial duties of the Emerald Champion, including oversight of the personal guards of the Empress, final arbitration of the Daughter of Heaven’s laws, the organization and administration of the Emerald Magistrates, and the collection of Imperial tax. When a new Emerald Champion was finally named in 1184, Otomo Tadenori looked forward to quieter duties, but, unfortunately it was not to be so. The new Emerald Champion, Susumu Kanpeki, kept Tadenori on retainer, compelling him to continue his previous duties.

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Otomo Tadenori

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