Otomo Haoko


“We are but a single cog in this great wheel, spinning without hesitation or regret. We are what we are meant to be, and nothing more.”

Appearance and Personality

Otomo carry themselves with poise and grace, but with an edge, an implied threat, an inherent danger. In contrast, Otomo Haoko, youngest daughter of a minor Otomo patriarch is spirited, without malice or threat, and carefree. Though the young Otomo is socially adriot, she is, at heart, approachable. She wears her chestnut hair short in sharp bangs covering her forehead. Most often seen in elegant clothing, befitting her station, Otomo Haoko is the picture of wealth and youthful folly and vigor, more often typifying the behavior of a child rather than an Imperial samurai. Though her nature seems to have endeared her to her father and family, how long can such a naive and gentle woman survive at the cutthroat Imperial Court?


Haoko has lived a charmed life, everything she has required has been provided in spades. She is the apple of her father’s eye, and lives as such. When she was twelve, she met with many young boys from across the Empire who’s parents had dreams of arranging a marriage into the powerful and esteemed Otomo. Her father was shocked by her choice, a deformed and ill-omened Dragon shugenja from the Tamori family. Despite her father’s attempts to alter her selection the young Imperial stood by her choice, and her doting father acquiesced. Her notoriously over-protective brother, Otomo Vede, is particularly displeased with the arrangement, believing the grotesque Dragon unworthy of his sibling.

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Otomo Haoko

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