Mirumoto Itsuki

Sword of confidence
Bow of the chosen master
Words of the fortunes

Appearance and Personality

Mirumoto Itsuki is slightly shorter than his brother, but still of an average height, and more muscular. His hair is wild, and he is always clean-shaven. He nearly always has a smile, either from amusement or pleasure, and has sharp eyes that often show his confidence. He has the mon of the Dragon’s Flame above his Mirumoto School, and his chop is a man with his head kicked back, a sword through his head and another through chest.

Itsuki holds his chin high, and moves with confidence. He knows very well how good he is, and generally grants little respect for those that are worse than him. Itsuki loves the thrill of finding someone better than him, and striving to surpass him. He’s gone to many duels for this, as Mirumoto himself watches Itsuki with interest.


Born the eldest son of Mirumoto Arata, Itsuki quickly grew to be talented in niten. But the boy was never content with just that, and intended to exceed and excel at all areas of bushido. As such, he quickly grew in kyujutsu and etiquette, gaining him entry to the Topaz championship, three years before his brother would follow his footsteps. He had a nearly perfect first and second day, however getting second overall in the iaijutsu tournament.

He returned afterwards to Dragon lands, and continued to aid his father in his work. Itsuki later earned right to train with the Dragon’s Flame, and then stood guard at the posts of the Dragon’s borders.

Character theme Rin’ – Jikuu

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After the Fall

Itsuki, touched by darkness, but not consumed by it, was given the sword, Humility, crafted by Asahina Beniha for the boy who would become Emperor, Iweko Seiken. Time has not been kind to the young Mirumoto, his hair has whitened, his skin has wrinkled, and grown liver spots, but his sword hand is still steady. Gone is the arrogance of his ever fleeting youth. In its place is a growing madness, kept in check only by an immense force of will. Though he remains tight lipped about the events surrounding the Test of the Emerald Champion, and the circumstances that lead to his custodianship of Humility he has said he would defend the sword to his grave and beyond.

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Mirumoto Itsuki

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