Matsu Ai


Ai’s Form

Not afraid to wear her muscles on her sleeve, including her heart, Ai is a woman of modest beauty. Dark hair resting halfway down her back, is never held up, often needing to be removed from her eye-line with the brush of the back of her hand. She is often seen drifting in thought, perhaps about a battle situation she has not yet encountered or how life would have been having not been born “gifted.”

Ai’s Regret

Having been brought up in the matriarchal Matsu family holdings, Ai was ready to become a bushi since she was able to know what one was. A fiery passion for battle and all it entails caught her attention more than anything feminine or childish, as though possessed by her Grandmother’s, Mai, very spirit. She would often play “War” with the other children before the “gift” was noticed within her. After being sent away to study before the other children, Ai’s mother, Kanamai, knew she was easily distracted. The extra year of schooling was to make sure she did not fail and bring shame to her family’s name.

Ai’s Truth

If you were to ask, Ai sees all citizens of Rokugan as though they possess a void point, meaning even eda have souls to her. During the Topaz Championship, Ai got to live out many fantasies she had only envisioned in her head for years whilst training. Once positioned as a yoriki, Ai showed much promise and was re-positioned more permanently in Broken Wave City. Now under the command of Emerald Magistrates Utaku Aeko and Bayushi Shinichiro. However, Ai will still take orders from Akodo Torokai if need be.

Theme:The Opened Way

Matsu Ai

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