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Shadowed autumn leaves
Falling from darkness to light
A once living shroud
Beneath hallowed shadowed leaves
Lie my expended brothers

Ring of Earth: Dramatis Personae, the Emerald Magistrature of Broken Wave City

Ring of Fire: Dark Parellels

Ring of Water: Other Characters of Note

Ring of Air: History, Politics, Current Events & Other In-Game Resources

Ring of Void: House Rules & Other Meta-Game Resources

Beyond the Pale: Horrors & Monsters

Awaiting the Judgement of Emma-O: The Slain

  • Ninetails, Lecherous Yoriki, presumed dead
  • Widow’s Peak, Brave Heimin, died defending Shishinza and his Yoriki at Heavy Iron Island
  • Kenseikai, Fire Beetle Pirate, executed by Utaku Aeko
  • Matsu Ai, Chosen of Bishamon, slain at the Battle of Black Dawn
  • Iga Yumaku, Husband of Iga Kimiko, slain by Mirumoto Tetsuya
  • Susumu Hotako, Shireikan of the Spider Fleet, slain at the Coral Garden
  • Susumu Mogai, the Master of Pain, also known as Motaro, slain at the Coral Garden
  • Moto Zawar, Moto White Guard, slain at the Coral Garden
  • Kitsu Koreka, Chosen of Bishamon, Enemy of the Peace, slain in a Blood Feud by Utaku Mei
  • Matsu Hana, slain in a duel by Utaku Mei
  • Kakita Kyomi, the Forlorn, leapt from a seaside cliff
  • Kuni Daimitsuujianobukatsu, the Sore Thumb, slain in the Spider’s Captivity
  • Yoritomo Tomino, Obvious Villain, the Last Obsidian Champion, committed seppuku by incineration
  • Kakita Jin, Stoic Crane Yojimbo, Incognizant with Love, committed seppuku in protest
  • All Smiles, Discontent Ronin, slain by Bayushi Shinichiro and Ikoma Magoichi during the Water Riot

Topaz Stained: The Topaz Championship of 1184

Trials of Yoriki: Akodo Torokai & Dragon’s Guard City

Tides of Steel: Broken Wave City

What is taken from the waves is reclaimed by them.


Main Page

Shadowed Autumn Leaves ohyoungmarriner