“If I am a thieving little magpie, you must be the dark and mysterious raven! Teach me to fly, Karasu-sensei!”

Appearance and Personality

With mischievous eyes, which exhibit her true nature, Magpie is a scroll left open. Her wry and impish smile speaks to her innocent and jovial essence. Her brazen and open emotions are bracing, and imprudent. She is excitable, filled with a boundless energy and a limitless potential for trouble. Magpie is known to play “dress up” and so her look and style will often change on a lark, though she always wears black silk wrappings around her wrists. Her face is round and girlish, with hair and eyes the color of rich soil. She is slight of build, even for her young age, with small hands and feet, and just the barest hint of breasts beneath her clothes. Preferring the finest silks she can find, and steal, she is often clothed well above her means or station. She moves with an easy grace, quiet as a summer breeze when she has a mind to, and uses these talents to great effect when practicing her craft.


Furtive and tricky, the young heimin, only fourteen years, possesses a sour reputation beyond her years. Due to her obsessive thieving, and her cavalier attitude towards her place in the world, its no surprise she has few friends among local law enforcement. With no family to speak of, Magpie is a happy drifter, moving from district to district, stealing what she needs to survive, and whatever else catches her eye. After raising the ire of Tsuruchi Michisune, Magpie fled Koware Nami Toshi for nearby Wolf’s Folly Village. She carried on in Phoenix lands much as she had in Mantis ones, swiping near anything that wasn’t nailed down. She continued to vex Phoenix officials, by taking whatever she pleased, and always managing to slip between their fingers with a smile on her lips. With time, Michisune forgot his wroth towards the peasant girl who had stolen from him, and Magpie returned to Broken Wave City, likely to cause more mischief.

Wolf’s Folly Village

Little which arrested her fancy in Wolf’s Folly Village eluded her grasp, until she spied the young and wounded Emerald Magistrate, Mirumoto Tetsuya. She took many things from him, but overreached when she took a liking to the silk on the handle of Tetsuya’s daisho, and took the swords as her own. Unlike other sword thieves, she had no wish to play at being a samurai, she simply couldn’t help herself. A quiet intervention by Bayushi Shinichiro spared Magpie from prosecution, and saw Tetsuya’s swords returned in good order, save for the silk wrappings, which had mysteriously gone missing.


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