Kitsu Koreka

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“The Path to inner peace comes through outward violence.”

Appearance and Personality

Koreka has the eyes of a predator, and that is usually all one sees of him. Often seen in traditional o-yoroi armor and the white head wrap of a warrior monk, with a vicious lion face mempo and fine mahogany prayer beads, the Lion shugenja appears both enlightened and intimidating in equal parts. Even when outside his armor he prefers thick robes, seldom showing his bare flesh. His words are often harsh, but never dishonorable. Even though he is capable of powerful magic, Koreka prefers to use his strength and technique, rather than call on the kami to do his duty for him.


The last act of war permitted by the Divine Empress Iweko I was after the fall of Kali-Ma, just before the ascension of the Spider. After the Spider stood against the darkness of the Destroyers just north of Beiden Pass, the Scorpion fell upon them, and began slaughtering them to the man. The whole of Rokugan was shocked at the ferocity of the Scorpion’s assualt, and it was the Lion whom Iweko ordered to end the fighting. Koreka, still a young shugenja at the time, was among those Lion who marched against the Scorpion. Though he is tight-lipped about what exactly occurred, and refuses to speak on the five hundred Lion who chose seppukku over opposing the Scorpion, he will say that after that combat the spirit of Bishamon, Fortune of Strength, revealed himself to him. Now he is the sensei of the Chosen of Bishamon, an elite unit of Kitsu shugenja said to be hand selected by the Fortune himself. Though Koreka does not seem too pleased with his role as a teacher and mentor, he is compelled to do as his ancestors, and his chosen Fortune instruct.

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Kitsu Koreka

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