Kakita Kyomi


“Nock, breathe deeply, and loose. The arrow knows the heart of its wielder, and that heart knows the way.”

Appearance and Personality

Graceful, beautiful, full of wit and charm, respected and admired; these are the ways in which Kakita Kyomi is described. Ever calm, measured, and in control, Kyomi presents the face of a true Crane, though behind her even gaze lies hidden turmoil, noticed only by those who care to look very closely. Behind her impassive eyes there is a deep sadness; a hole not filled by all the bounties of her station and duties.


As a young girl, Kyomi showed a rare beauty and preciousness which saw her engaged to Kakita Ichiro, eldest son of the Emerald Champion. They wed young, just four days after the young Crane’s gempukku. She was as his shadow in the courts, but at home she was more distant. With no wars or battles to fight, Kyomi turned to the arts, and to the schooling of the young Kakita. All the while she bore her kuge husband daughter after daughter, six in all. If popular gossip is to be believed, she may be with child yet again, with her husband and family praying to the Fortunes for a son.

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Kakita Kyomi

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