Kabutomushi no Kasai


Background and Organization

The Emerald Magistrates know very little at this time about the history of the Kaizokuban gang known as the Fire Beetles. What is known is that the Kabutomushi no Kasai have made the region surrounding Kaigen’s Island their home some six years ago. Rarely operating outside of the Mantis and Phoenix shipping lanes during that time, the Fire Beetles averaged three operations a year, though the operations they undertook were always highly successful. Recently they have begun working for Hunger and Thirst which has increased their activity around Broken Wave City tenfold in the last four months, though the exact nature of the partnership is unknown.

Modus Operandi

The Fire Beetles are well known for employing shugenja talented in the element of fire, as well as massed archers with burning arrows. Using these techniques the pirates are able to quickly set enemy ships ablaze, a great asset in naval combat. Utilizing many small fast ships, the Kabutomashi no Kasai strike swiftly and decisively before disappearing back into the rocky archipelagos. In this way, the Fire Beetles employ tactics resembling those of land bound cavalry fast-attack units.

Notable Members

Kabutomushi no Kasai

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