Hida Izanagi


“I am but a specter of the Wall. My body is here, with you, but my mind and my spirit remain there.”

Appearance and Personality

There are few men in the vast history of the Crab Clan who can earn a title such as the Wall Made Flesh. Hida Izanagi not only claims that honorific, he deserves the distinction. Arrows and blades both deflect from his armored frame as if they were bokken. It is unknown if the man even feels pain at all, or whether he simply ignores it. Short, for a Crab at least, stout, and built like a mangonel, he is similarly dangerous with tetsubo in hand. In court, he is quiet, reserved, and grim faced, and in combat there is little difference. While the Matsu and Moto have their fury, Hida Izanagi has cold detachment and stern resolution.


Growing up in the shadow of the Wall, Izanagi knew, even at a young age, what his life would be. He made his first kill, a stray bakemono, at age 10. He defeated his first oni, a fearsome Ugulu no Oni during his gempukku at age 14. He has lost four of his five brothers, and both of his sisters to Shadowlands incursions. His remaining sibling was rendered a cripple during the Destroyer War. His victories on the Wall are innumerable, as innumerable as his losses. He knows that each moment he is away at the courts of the Empire, more die on the Wall. And he knows, better than most, that each Crab death brings Rokugan one step closer to destruction.

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After the Fall

Hida Izanagi

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