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Day 13 of the month of the dragon 1185
-We are not reasonable
-Of the two Maho_tsukai only one knows anything
-There is now one Maho-Tsukai
-“these are low class fuckers” – Dylan
-so water-boarding…with sake
-We send for the Eta that are in charge of cremating bodies and Torture
-Jutaki captain of the Serpents Hiss
-Jutaki is not a Maho-Tsukai
-Jutaki is a Maho-Tsukai
-There are no emos in Rokugan
-The are about 65 miles north of the island. It is hidden it used to be a monastery. It is a large compound and the Phoenix believe that the monks still reside there. Its on the mainland
- Five Days until the Gathering
- Captain of the Bleeding Wind, Haka not a maho-tsukai himself but has them under his command
- Weeping Knife, Yoritomo crazy beat face with kama
-Masrugi captain of the Victory former Akodo
-Severance peasant captain of the long night, best Maho user
-There are no apparent weaknesses
-Serpents hiss is orginally from the SEcond Storm but was stolen from the Mantis
-Spider Chick-sama is not a proper term of address
-Still No a proper term of address
-We have a Map
-Handsome is the best looking eta
-Jutaki is now dead
-We all purify ourselves

Tomino Goes to The Barricade
-Meets some members of the lightning strike squad
-Eta come in Gaggles
-Explain they executed that obvious maho-tsukai

In the Streets
-Crying like a bitch
-Maybe not

Ryurai and the bottle of Winsauce
-Ryurai sits there with a bottle

Meeting with the Governor
-lets keep it quiet
-round up the peasants and tell them it was an exercise
-Ryurai is being given the run around

Attack on the Serpents Hiss or What do you do with a drunken Tsukai
-Yup thats the ship (Tomino)
-There is only one method of escape
-Operation: Fuck their shit goes off without a hitch
-They give up without much of a struggle.
-The rule for this is if you dont fuck up you win, and you didn’t fuck up.
-Most things got chucked into the fire
-We found a map which is important
-It is a map of the greater Kaigens Island area. It has three locations, there is an x over there an x way down there and the monastery that we know about.

Before the Battle
-GG samurai I dont think those exist Dylan
-Doji Reisu has new Ashigaru armor and apparently its fabulous.
-However his Tatami Mat is shitty as ever.
-We are the Viet-Kaigen
-Doji Reisu is far to happy
The Battle Plan
-Much Discussion

The Sideoscope:
-Right then
-Well I disagree
-It is clear that you do not understand the truth of the words that are being spoken
-Importance of all
-Not Foreseen by your blind eyes
-Truth lost on your words

Day 13 of the month of the dragon 1185

Deaths at our house
-dead bodies of two informants were found hanged on our compound wall.
-from there Tomino went to the civic hall to find out who was on guard duty last night as to ascertain if there was anyone who saw something out of the normal.
-Shinichiro then inspected the area around which the bodies were splayed
-top of the wall had silk placed on top of it to prevent the rope from being cut by thief
-the rope is old and the silk was also very low quality. The rope was trash sailing rope.
-classy old ropes – Joe Bruce
-no signs as to where they went, showing they had planned out exactly what they were doing.
-dock so no signs that it was used, however that is inconclusive.
-most likely small number of people that infiltrated.
-the ropes were spiked into the ground. Hammered down with something heavy
-The note of what was on the hanged men is made public to the yoriki
-Shinichiro recalls that there was an individual was a person that was made example of as well. It was a Diadoji that was nailed to the mast upside down.
-Hunger and Thirst are clearly sending us a message. Something akin to BACK THE FUCK OFF or else.

-notes and stuff on the inside. It details how the kubuto no mushi kusai operate. There is a council of captains, individuals are traded between vessels. It is somewhat democratic in form which is against the celestial order. Rank goes according to time spent in the order. A few captains opposed working for hunger and thirst and that the fire beetles are being consumed by their interests.
-Doesn’t want the Reavers of Scarcity to take over their organization.

-We are all failures in the bleak universe of failure. OHMYGRIMDARK
-bat song
-Joe bruce – bitch make me a sammitch.

Civil Hall
-Clerks 2: Revenge of the Fire Beetles
-Going to the watch
-watch doesn’t work out of the civic hall
-appearently they have a HQ in the old quarter that isnt on the map
-they go to the HQ..its Phallic and plain. Phallic with guards who would have guessed.
-More Guards, that are guarding the building. Snake mempos.
-Some Yoritomo who is keeping the rosters but he is sleeping
-Playing the waiting game in the waiting area(TEAED)
-They have a break room
-Record room has been reamed by scrolls or was that has reams I don’t know
-Two routes that pass by our compound/palace.
-15 people who would be on shift passing by our location
-1st group is sleeping currently
-2nd is still out
-hit them with a stick and wake their asses up
-doushin don’t count apparently
-much arousment occurred
-one total side track later
-they all passed by our compound during their shift about 10 times. They saw nothing out of the normal around our compound. No one lies…as far as we know
-no merching
-they did their best
-the route doesn’t seem to contain our compound.
-it was uncovered that Ryurai was a kolat infiltrator
-there are no wastes of time
-so in the end it shows that the watch kinda sucks ass
-hahahahahahaha – Joe Bruce
-Awkwardness behind Eliot city
-…and thats why the previous magistrate is dead.
-Lamps a common occurrence
-What is expected occurs
-So what you are saying is I choose you 5th amendment

Dude Guy on the Wiki
-Yoritomo Yuzia
-several ships patrolling the area
-moving at a gentle pace
-given list of the kobune’s that were in the area last night
-Its a Walk-off you should have listened to your friend Billy Zane
-I just work here
-Kozokubon dumped bodies at our house
-Tomino doesn’t care
-we have a nice piece of paper

That Damn Carrion Crawler
-he sneaked into the basement again no current lead as to where he went
-it would seem that he stole my vorpal dagger again and left a note telling me to go to Big Fire Tooth Mountain
-This should be the final confrontation after two and a half centuries of total war

Tomino Addresses the Magistrates
-Tomino wants to start a series of tolls to limit the access the bandits have to the shipping lanes
-elaborate flag system to confuse the kozokuban to attack the wrong ships
-need to talk to the governor
-Tomino suggests using treachery to catch the bandits.
-Hooked on Phonics
-We are not dragon folk but then again terms of address never were a strong suite
-Shinichiro wishes the innocent to be purged from the guilty
-Beds, we need comfort rating
-Thats all from memory
-He is apparently so good
-I can’t see what the map says but there was a first attack Crane/Mantis
-Our servants have names ? Yes the whole time
-There are no cross references
-Double problems with fire shugenja pirates…Sea Bandits sorry
- The Great Angiesaurus invasion

The Tangent
-Tomino is 3rd…I don’t know if that’s a good thing but probably not.
-Someone has a case a of the Goju fever
-build a bridge out of her…for 10 koku

Tomino Goes to the White Castle…er Library
-Lanterns ahoy
-Whale oil for the year hot damn
-Magistrates !!
-7 koku for a bridge
-is it spruce…no then he isn’t spurcing it up
Everyone gets one -SpiderMan
-Yes the peasants still have names
-I still don’t trust Kudzu with our garden
-Dylan is really creepy as a women, or rather smoked way to much tobacco
- We have top self tea?
-I assume no one tells me in the basement
-Alright I continue work
-The spider arrive
-Bloodshed of Tears…sure
-Scorpion clan are dicks, and the Crane are pussies and the shadowlands is an asshole
-5 points for cutting off her head? I don’t know about that Nathan.
-Shasumo Hitaka
-Tracking the Ghosts of Sinada offshoot of the Serpents of Sinada. They are completely without scruples ie scrupless.
-Tomino attempts to politely say fuck you and your ships. She rolls with it.
-The Ghosts of Sinada are accused of Maho
-She is telling the truth about looking for the Kozukoban
-She also not exactly doing it for the Spider clan but for herself
-Cell of the Ghosts of Sinada in the city
-Now is the time of the gathering which is when all the captains come together to discuss what they will do
-about 200 people for this Kozukoban
-the Location is the Drunken Monkey fisherman quarter near the shrine of Harihiko

Blood Speaker Cell
ol’ grandad whiskey best at killing yourself since 1882
what Blatantly cheat Brandon
We play ‘To do what we must’
hand bow = great respect
Errol Flynn this is not
pokemon this is not
I am the law(lore)
There is no s for plurals
Bat for great justice
are we there yet
answer: no
you look like a bridge
also much debate on how to curb stomp maho-tsukai
“I am actually filled with hate” – Matt
expect the unexpecBATMANted
lots of windows from which they can escape
Bows twang not bang. Arrows not bullets
IT is among them
Arrow lines apparently make the streets much nicer
So the house is 17ft long that seems pretty small.
Oh yeah not 5 feet 20 feet
Shameful dispray
“I am gonna tell granma to fuck herself”- Joe Bruce
Go big or go home
Glorious Dispray
People rocked to death
The Pain showed up sorry Ai
Drain the soul sucks
and thats Jenga

Dave Carey's Session Notes

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